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About Brand Ambassadors

Brand awareness has historically been the sole responsibility of the marketing department. But you should consider empowering employees to spread the word on social media.

Smart companies establish brands internally first. And then harness the power of employees’ online networks to share information authentically. 

Create a crack team of employee advocates and let them loose. Do make sure you have some guidelines on how to talk about the company, but not what to say. If you chose the team well, they will figure it out. You can offer them examples of branded content they can use quickly and easily, too. The results of this move are very similar to marketing through micro-influencers.

Your empowered employees will end up sharing great content about the company on their social platforms, and the company will get the advantage of creating brand awareness and conveying brand authenticity through its people.

Here are 10 ways to make your employees your brand ambassadors.

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