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Go Beyond the name

When marketers first started to use email, it was enough to just send something, anything. It was so new that everything was noticeable. Then inboxes began to get crowded, and we looked for ways to personalise.

The most obvious solution was to address people by their names. These days though, this isn’t enough. We need to go beyond the name by asking the right questions. Then tailor emails to directly address the customer’s interests.

Segment email lists based on subscriber interests. This ensures that emails speak directly to what the receiver is interested in, making it more likely they will engage with the email.

A simple way to segment the list? Ask people what they’re interested in through signup forms, polls quizzes.

The quizzes and games on Facebook that ask you a bunch of questions, and tell you what your spirit animal is, are doing just that.

But too much personalisation can be creepy. Don’t be Creepy.

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